Friday, February 13, 2004

There’s always an adventure at Walmart, and tonight was not any different. Being the day before Valentine’s day, of course it was a madhouse. Being a Friday night, double madhouse. But here in N. Texas when the news folks even mention the word snow/ice or winter storm advisory, the people just panic. Do they actually think we will get frozen in? The high tomorrow is 40, Sunday is 50, the roads will be fine! But everyone was driving all over, zig zagging all around the parking lot in a panic like they were expecting the next world war to happen right then and there. It’s so funny! LOL

The snow earlier was brief, then it drizzled for a bit and stayed above freezing. We needed to go get dogfood badly, since the dogs had emptied their bowls this morning and there was nothing left but crumbs in the bin. So we headed to good ol Walmart to pick up dogfood and a few things we might need. After battling the parking lot, which was a repeat of Christmas, we parked wayyyyy out toward the back and bundled up for the long hike to the store. No problem. But the parking lot vultures were hovering all around, waiting for that close-up spot to become free so they could get in and out quickly. The exhaust left me choking as we were walking faster than one truck was moving. Laughing the whole way, my winter coat that I finally got to wear wrapped around me snuggly, the hood covering my hair but also obstructing my vision so that I felt like that kid in A Christmas Story when his Mom had accidentally pulled his scarf and hat too far down over his eyes. I had to hold Jim’s arm so I wouldn’t bump into anything or anyone and he guided me to good ol Walmart.

Once inside, it was definitely Christmas all over again! They had Valentine’s stuff all along the main aisle in front of the registers. Balloons, cookie bouquets, teddy bears, even the lingerie was up at the front on an end cap like a last minute purchase. People everywhere, it was quite a crowd tonight. Still laughing we ventured forth and aimed for the pet section.

Passing by the main seasonal area, I said "Look at the Valentines People!" There were just masses of people hovering like more vultures, or more like moths around a porch light, looking for their Valentine gift for whomever. I felt glad that I didn’t have to battle that crowd, that aisle, for we had already bought some candy two weeks ago. As we were passing by I poked at a giant pink and red lizard, or was it a dinosaur, I have no idea! I jokingly said to Jim "You can buy me THIS for Valentine’s day!"

Hee hee. That thing was hideous. Scary too, LOL.

People everywhere, going this way, that way, all had this look of panic on their faces, their eyebrows creasing as if we were expecting "The Storm of the Century" right here in N. Texas. AS if! LOL

We grabbed a gallon of milk, some of those bargain brand dura-logs, a 2 liter bottle of Coke and one of Cherry 7-up, and got at the end of a very long line at the express lane. I asked if Jim wanted some of those cupcake-cookies, his whole face lit up and so I grabbed a package of those. What about cupcakes? His face lit up even more, so I grabbed a pack of those as well. They were all right there just for people like us, for those last minute purchases. I said "This is our Valentine’s gift to eachother." And he agreed.

We made our way to the car, I totally forgot how far back we were and it felt like we just kept walking, finally I said "Where did we park? Oh yea, wayyyyy out there! LOL"
Another parking lot battle with the zig zaggers just to leave, then another struggle to make it to the highway, to safety, to freedom! I was talking about something and mid sentence I said "I cannot wait to get out of this parking lot!" And we did it. Whew!

We made it home just in time for Joan of Arcadia at 7.

By 10 it began to snow again, we ran outside and I stood under it, letting the ice pieces hit me in the eye as I tried to catch them in my mouth. I felt like a kid, even if the stuff was melting as soon as it hit the ground. It’s just not something you see very often here in N. Texas: White stuff falling from the sky. I don’t care if it doesn’t stick, we finally got our winter!

Valentines is going to be just fine this year. With cupcakes and cupcake cookies, snowfall and fake fire logs, we are definitely set, with no plans of going back to Walmart.

(At least until Sunday.)

Well I am giving the blog thing a try, since I love to ramble about my day and my life.
Today is cold for N. Texas and they are predicting snow tonight and tomorrow! I'm excited! Even though it won't stick as the high tomorrow is 40. :(
I barely slept last night, money woes and life running through my head, it was after 4am by the time I finally fell asleep, and then I was up again at 6, then 9. I can blame the Allegra-D's but I only take one a day now so that they won't give me insomnia.
No big valentine's day plans for Jim and I, we are so broke right now it's not even funny. We will probably do what we do every weekend, stay in and watch tv. Woopee! LOL
Well that's about it for now.