Saturday, February 14, 2004

I woke up at 7:45 thinking "nah, there's no way it snowed!" but as I looked out my bathroom window, I gasped at the glorious beautiful white world outside. Wow! It is just such a rare site that I am always so happily shocked at how beautiful the world can be when it is covered in a gorgeous blanket of white!
I woke Jim and he thought something was wrong, "what's wrong hon?" and I just pointed to the window, opened the blinds and we both were just in awe. We jumped up and dressed very quickly, went outside and have been playing in it ever since.
It's gorgeous!
But it's melting so incredibly fast. The temp is about 37-38 degrees here so it is melting. :(
BUT we made THREE snowmen, I made two snow angels, we had several snowball fights with eachother, with the dogs, my gosh the dogs just love it! They are beat, sleeping it off in their "room."
I know you all are probably sick of the white stuff, but this white stuff rarely makes its way here so this is a very rare thing. We haven't had snow like this in a couple of years, I think we at least got three inches here and more areas north of me.
What a GREAT Valentine's day gift!