Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday!
I'm going to give this blog a try. It's definitely very public and I hate my life going public like that. People are really mean sometimes and especially so when it comes to online people. I need to figure out some settings to make it so that only my true and trusted can visit me here. There is really no reason for strangers to visit me here to judge and ridicule my life. I am not here for their entertainment purposes, I share my life in a blog so that I may revisit it later to see how I have grown, and to share with those who give a damn.

This week has been really crazy. I'm still standing but some days are easier than others. If this blog will let me post an older entry, I can publish what I wrote in my livejournal blog, which is just basically a recap of the last year. Then I was going to share this past week. It's not a big deal, my life isn't all that entertaining to others by any means, but this week impacted me greatly.

Well...publishing this and we'll go from there.