Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Today is definitely a brain fog day, I just cannot seem to get my mind going. I wanted to start writing again but every time I sit at my computer, I go blank. The most creative thing I've written lately was the walmart story and that was nothing. That was just practice.
Today has the look and feel of early spring - sixties, sunny, the birds are chirping and one of my tulips looks as if it is trying to come out of the ground. I have no idea what I'll do for my garden this year. I am afraid it will have to be bare or else I'll have to plant some .99cent seeds and just hope that they will grow into something pretty. The pansies I planted for the winter didn't fare too well, the winter was just too warm. The other flower bed has been taken over by young weeds, even if it did snow on them the other day.
The snow. I still cannot even believe that there WAS snow, as it was gone so incredibly fast. But I so enjoyed it for the few short hours it was with us. I had fun building snowmen. I love seeing all the families of the neighborhood out in the yards WITH their children, laughing, frolicking, throwing balls of snow, rolling snowmen parts, just being together. I just wish it would snow more often since it just brings so much happiness around here, unlike up North where it's been making people frown. I'll trade ya!
Well there I went blank again.
I had strange dreams last night, didn't make a lot of sense. Mema was in it and she understood what I was saying. We were going somewhere, a bunch of us. Some guy was drunk and sick but later on he liked me. He knew I was married, I didn't have to remind him I was married. I feel like I knew him, in real life, but from where?
I'm reading Sylvia Brown's book of dreams. You would think that reading about sleeping would help me sleep, but it has not.

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